Cambrian Trilobite Biostratigraphy of the Indian Himalaya

My master's research, conducted under the advisement of Nigel Hughes at the University of California, Riverside, was largely a classic biostratigraphy study. Nigel, a group of collaborators and I traveled to the Zanskar Range of the Greater Himalaya, Kashmir, India during the summer of 2001 to study Cambrian aged trilobites. Once back in Riverside, I described the trilobites we collected in India erected a biostratigraphic framework so that Zanskar strata could be placed into the global Cambrian time scale. This research was part of a much large project to understand the stratigraphy of the Cambrian System of the Indian Himalaya, and my master's research results have been incorporated into a larger monograph that includes research conducted by other UCR master's students and students from the Nanjing Institute of Paleontology in China.

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